B3313 Unabandoned

Hack based on the Internal Plexus concept, featuring scrapped features and stages from the beta and the SM64 iceberg, mixed and matched together to create uncanny experiences.

Credit goes to ChrisRLillo for creating the original B3313, and the countless contributors that assisted with making this hack a reality. This is an unofficial continuation ('unabandonment') by major contributors from before the abandonment. It fixes all of the star IDs and tweaks the overall gameplay experience based on player feedback as well as lore consistency.

Full list of contributors: https://b3313.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_B3313_Contributors

96 MB ROM! It will only run with Parallel Launcher's ParallelN64 core (not RetroArch's), or custom builds of Mupen swapping a single line of code. For the custom Mupen builds (e.g. mobile users) and an explanation, visit https://benedani.xyz/files/mupen/readme.html