Mario 64 Sonic Edition

This hack changes Mario's controls to be closer to Sonic (mainly inspired by the SA games) and lets you collect every 120 stars in a unique way.

---Version Differences---

Sonic Edition: Mostly vanilla Mario 64 but with Sonic Playable. A more direct interpretation of "Sonic in Mario 64". (made by Thodds)

Sonic Edition Plus: A reskin of Sonic Edition to make the levels fit the Sonic theme better. (made by Gamebun)


-Faster walking speed
-Press Z to roll into a ball and quickly roll down slopes
-High speed let's you walk up slopes
-Not being able to swim but do infinite jumps underwater
-Crouch and press B repeatedly to do a spindash
-Dive is replace with a Homing Attack
-Groundpound is replaced by SA2s Bound Jump
-Some of Marios moves are removed
-Running on water
-Model replacement
-Voice replacement
-Animation changes

Also check out the PC port version:

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